a small silhouette of a Short-eared Owl flying across an orange creamsicle colored sunset sky.
Vermont, March 2022

crepuscular moths

flap through a creamsicle sky.

in awe, flammeus

Song of the Week:

Something New to Worry About by I Feel Fine

a thin layer of snow covers half of the moss on a tree trunk.
Vermont, December 2023

flakes flatten the light

feathered frequencies unfurl

and melt in the sun

Song of the Week:

Flying Carpet by Hyakkei / 百景

a vertical panorama of a shoreline and sunrise.
Vermont, November 2023

redefining hues

bringing artists to the knee

put your phones away

Song of the Week:

Far Adrift by The American Dollar

a drone panorama of a foggy valley leading up into a mountain, all covered in foliage and evergreens with fog clinging to the tops of trees.
New York, October 2023

in search of the sun

cotton candy at the fair

burning by droplets

Song of the Week:

playing with lego
on a rainy day
by kyle

a leaf with hoarfrost around the edges sits wedged in some green pine needles.
Vermont, November 2023

evergreen, yellow

daylight length waning into

the gloom, the absence

Song of the Week:

no song this week by just listen to the birds

a canada jay - a white and gray bird with a round head and body, large black eyes, and a long tail - sits nicely perched on a small branch on the edge of a tree. the rest of the scene is out of focus, blurred by my proximity to the friendly bird and me using a 105mm f1.4 lens.
New York, November 2023

eyes wide, pulling light

a moment's pause as a year

to pass me over

Song of the Week:

Glue Girls by Someone Still Loves
You Boris Yeltsin

a photo a skinny crescent moon above some slightly out-of-focus trees and with some faint whispy clouds streaking the dark evening sky just 10 minutes after sunset.
Vermont, November 2023

joy can be squandered

calamatous to witness

a laugh, or a tear

Song of the Week:

If Only Your Best
Was Good Enough
by grayera

a photo of an adult Barred Owl perched on a branch, the bird looking across the scene as it continues its hunt after flying from another perch and failing to catch anything on the way over towards us.
Vermont, November 2023

landed, effortless

some leaves dropped in awe, or of

a swing and a miss

Song of the Week:

Right In Front Of Me by JAWS

a photo of trees in a foggy field at sunrise
Vermont, September 2023

a fog-laden field

silhouettes and shadows swirl

forced to greet the sun

Song of the Week:

Jabroni by Avec Plaisir

a wide-ish photo of a stand of young trees at the edge of a field, with distinct layers in the image from bottom to top of dead winter grasses, purple shrubbery branches in the midground, and bare winter trees in the top, most distant section of the photo. a gray ghost - adult male Northern Harrier - glides through the scene and between the trees in his hunt of field mice and shrews
New York, March 2022

prepare to unleash

the shrew orbit ion canon

destroyer of voles

Song of the Week:

Low Orbit Ion Canon by Emperor X

a photo of a 80% full waning moon above some out-of-focus fall leaves bathed in sunrise light
Vermont, October 2023

fire dances from

canopy to forest floor

observed from on high

Song of the Week:

No exit by a picture of her

slightly wide photo of an adult male Blue-winged Warbler - a bright yellow bird with a black eye mask, silvery-blue wings, and two white wingbars. the bird is perched lower down on a branch and singing up into
Vermont, May 2022

you feel songs around

chartreuse and purple foliage

and he sings louder

Song of the Week:

Blue Skies by Genic

a photo of an adult Common Loon in a foggy pond, with early sunrise colors peaking over the hills and trees in the distance. the mist rising off the water and the bird's head angled down give the image a somber tone...notably, this image was taken during a morning i discovered that this loon's offspring had been killed by a predator
Vermont, July 2022

time slows down around

loss and grief embiggen one

another day ends

Song of the Week:

Raft Easily by Rooftops

a wide panorama of evergreen forest with some early fall foliage deciducious trees mixed in. it is just after sunrise and a thick fog is burning off from the top of the forest, with the fog whisked to one side by the wind, leaving tendrils of clouds across the top of the forest
Vermont, October 2023

fingers grasping, slip

friends losing touch over time

as sunlight heats up

Song of the Week:

Doom by Meniscus

a photo of a 80% full waning moon above some out-of-focus fall leaves bathed in sunrise light
Vermont, October 2023

'dees and 'hatches mob

frogs sigh and field mice harrumph

squirrels scurry by

Song of the Week:

Friendly Insects by Antarctic

a photo of a valley and mountainscape of rolling vermont hills, covered in a mush of red fall foliage and early morning fog.
Vermont, October 2023

Reknown for one and

nearly every single shade

The Green Mountain State

Song of the Week:

Chamomile Sea by WHAT? NAH